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FeliCa Plug built-in RFID Pedometer

ACOS' world-premier "FeliCa Plug built-in RFID Pedometer"
communicated with the "FeliCa Port built-in PC" was
at Tokyo Big Sight, Japan, on March 03 thru 06, 2009

1. Spec. Sheet (Leaflet with rough specifications):
Various kinds of ID cards

Office attendance book

Restaurant, shopping, etc.'s Service-points collection Card
membership card

Patient's registration card

Gymnasium club member-ship card
and all the data shall instantaneously
be put in to PC at HealthCare-Site.
HealthCare can be
achievbed with Data of
FeliCa built-in Pedometer.
Any kind of trip in any
countries can be enjoued
as if you were
actually walking!


Instantaneous Data transmission by putting FeliCa built- in Pedometer #GT03F on the FeliCa Port built-in PC or on *'PaSoRi', FeliCa Port mounted External-unit. <Exclusive software for Data Communication should be installed in PC.>
Having unique ID installed, various kinds of Membership cards, Shopping points collection, etc. may be usable.
Possible to keep critically important data in the non-volatile memory in the "FeliCa Plug built-in Pedometer".

Function of Pedometer (Tentative)
OK in Pocket, Bag, etc. with 3-D Piezo-electric Sensor !
Step-counter, Distance, Calorie, Exercises, METs and Clock.
Memory : 14days(Non-volatile)
Battery-life : Around 1(One) Year, on-10,000 steps-a- day-basis. * Battery : CR2032(3V) x 1-piece
Dimension : 75 x 33.5 x 10.8 mm
Weight : Approx. 25g.

'FeliCa' is a Trademark owned and registered by Sony Corporation.
'FeliCa' is a Noncontact IC Card developed by Sony Corporation.
'PaSoRi' is a Trademark owned and registered by Sony Corporation.

2. FeliCa Plug built-in RFID Pedometer

Model #GT03F(Black)

3. "ACOS' FeliCa-Plug Built-in Pedometer" debuted at 'IC CARD WORLD 2009'
  <> has created a great sensation and earned lots of reputation and enquiry from various kinds of health-care organization, healthcare insurance association, medical association and healthcare related industries.
  The Booth of Daito Electron Co., Ltd., where ACOS' #GT03F series of 'FeliCa Plug built-in RFID Pedometer' have been co-exhibited.   The instant that #GT03F is put over the FeliCa Port, all the Data taken/memorized/stored in itshall be transferred to PC and show up on thePC Screen instantaneously !  

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