OEM /ODM based Manufacturer ACOS will always "think globally & broadly!" and yet "act locally & precisely!"

ACOS acts as a solely thoroughgoing "KUROKO" or "a Stage assistant
dressed in Black Clothes like a NINJA"
on the –'KABUKI' STAGE,

as if ACOS were "the man behind the scenes" on the Stage!
– 'KABUKI' : A traditional Japansese drama performed in a highly stylized manner.

Acos Co., Ltd.

4376-4 Kiri-ishi, Iida,
Nagano 395-0807,
TEL (81)265-53-6571
FAX (81)265-53-6573

For further information,
please contact «
(Int. Bus. Operations)
YES,YOU are our 'Honorable Customer', and at the same time,
YOU are a "HERO" or a "HEROIN" on our STAGE ! ,
WE 'ACOS' act as a "KUROKO", a Stage assistant and /or a man
behind the scenes dressed in Black Clothes to assist
and collaborate with YOU so that YOU may give

the best performance on the STAGTE !

Who is ACOS ?

ACOS' HQ(Headquarters) is located in Iida-city, a rural district of Nagano Pre-fecture, the center part of the main island of Japan.
as solely kept cultivating its thoroughgoing high-technologies since it was foundedc ACOS' abundant technological abilities and flexible & unique ideas have kept creating highly originated products. ACOS(KUROKO) will keep developing and providing YOU(HERO/ HEROIN) with the most advanced techno-logical product(s) on OEM/ODM basis so that YOU can keep yourself being as a 'Most Advanced FABLESS Manufacturer' !


Strategic information ACOS collects will create - - -

ACOS' HQ consists of a small number of the brains some of whom will by turns go out to the world everyday to smell, get, collect and pick up the brandnew and valuable movement of the worldc... All the collected valuable information shall seriously be analyzed by them, who will create the basic concept of the really originated brandnew product planning.
ACOS will finally furnish YOU with the exclusively designed product which shall have far superb value than what YOU may have imaged in YOUR mind c


Core Product of ACOS' OEM/ODM Business : PEDOMETER

ACOS is the World's premier Pedometer manufacturer who developed Electronic Pendulum Sensor and who produced and marketed "Electronic Pedometer" first in the World back in 1985.
All the ACOS' members who developed, produced and manufactured "it" have all the time kept devoting themselves solely to studying and developing the most advanced and prominent Pedometers in the worldcc.
We ACOS, as a thoroughgoing "KUROKO", will keep developing THE MOST EXCELENT PEDOMETER in the world which shall definitely be satisfied with BY YOU !

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